Our Mother’s Day!

Hello friends! How’s it’s going?! We are still in the “stay at home” order from our Governor here. It’s been a gloomy week (rain almost everyday) so nothing new is going on here. Aside from me taking care of the kids , watching Hallmark movies (Christmas movies are my fave! HA!) and hanging out with Hubs. Everybody is healthy, but life is pretty mundane right now. I’m not complaining though:)

Hubs is finally done with our small vegetable garden and so far the snails are not eating anything! UGh! They’re the worst. I’m looking forward to harvesting this year.

We had a wonderful mother’s day at home. My MIL and DIL also celebrated their bdays so we just had a combined celebration. Hubs got me flowers and a hanging flower basket. My DIL grilled burgers and we ordered sides from Met Market and got their chocolate cake too. It’s my favorite cake! SO good! I have no discipline when it comes to their chocolate cake!HA

He’s getting so good at shucking oysters!
Mia enjoying her kiddie pool!
Look at that chocolatey goodness!

It’s almost lunch time here friends so off to feed the kids! Have a great day and Take care:)

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