Weekend Fun!

Hi friends! How was your weekend? We spent most of our time being with our little Matthew at the NICU. My In laws visited him and were able to hold him for the first time (they visited before but weren’t able to hold him). He is doing so good and getting cuter 🙂

It’s getting cold here in the PNW, and fall is finally here with what we’re seeing! Pretty fall leaves. So lucky to be living in our neighborhood, lots of pretty trees during this time of year. I’m not doing it justice with just one pic! HA

Fall is here!

Had poke after visiting Matthew!
Nana and Matthew
Costco shopping on a weekend! Do not do it.HA!
Daddy got iced coffee, she wanted one too (she got chocolate milk)
Moms weekend treat! Costco chocolate cake

I cooked two filipino dishes this weekend: pork sinigang (pork ribs in tamarind soup) and chicken adobo!

Pork Ribs in taramind broth
Chicken Adobo
Quick lunch last Friday!

I’m off cleaning the house and doing laundry today, I slacked this weekend but it’s okay because we got lots of cuddle time with Matthew!

Blessings Friends!

Mia is 3!

Hi friends! This past weekend, Mia turned 3 and we had a simple celebration at home. She wanted a Peppa Pig party theme, so I ended up getting Peppa decorations from Amazon and tried to sprinkle Peppa pig stuff all over the house. She was all giddy and that is all that matters! HA!

Thanks to our family and friends who joined us in celebrating her birthday, she had so much fun and until now she still talks about her peppa pig birthday. Especially her friends singing, “Happy Birthday Mia!” She’s so adorable. We can’t believe our feisty, funny, and sweet girl is 3! Time sure flies so fast. Thank You Jesus for blessing us with our Mia Boo!

Mia’s party spread

African Safari Race

Mia practicing on her new scooter!

I think Mia had a good birthday, don’t you?:)

Ocean Shore!

Hi Friends! Happy 1st of October! Our September has been a blur with Matthew’s birth and him still in the NICU. He’s doing good (all in all! Praise the Lord :). This past weekend we did our annual visit to Westport and Ocean Shores, WA (it’s a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle). Lots of family time and yummy seafood. It’s so fun to see Mia enjoying the ocean and having a great time. She sure enjoyed her s’mores and fire on the beach. Can’t wait to be back next year with our little Matthew! Here’s some of the pics we took:)

Later Friends!

Life Update!

Hi Friends! Lots of things have happened since my last post. I had an emergency Cesarean section to deliver our baby boy (we named him Matthew!). I thank God that both Matthew and I are doing well now (born at 27 weeks). He is in a Seattle NICU right now; There are good and bad days but all in all he is doing good! I’m home and recovering well from my CS surgery. We are trying to get back to our normal routine while our little Matthew is in the hospital (visiting him, pumping for breast milk, taking care of Mia and the house; I’m exhausted! Hubs is on leave but it’s coming to an end soon..Boo..

Anyways, hope you’re all doing well friends! Thanks for all your prayers and messages for our Matthew! Thankful that he’s getting the best care in the NICU right now, NICU nurses and doctors are the best! They’re truly heroes in this world!

Snacking at the hospital!
NICU with my Boo!
Been making broth as they say it’s helpful when you’re breastfeeding/pumping
Community playdate
Salumi sandwich (seattle) after visiting Matthew!
Hubs got into a minor accident (other driver took full responsibility)
Our Matthew Boo! Precious gift from God:)

Woodland Park Zoo!

Hi friends! Last Saturday Hub’s workplace had a company picnic held at Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle). We had lots of fun, they had face painting for everybody (we participated:) Mia picked a Lion face, I had the elephant, my Sis In Law picked a dolphin). The weather was just right, not too hot! It would be miserable walking around with the scorching sun on us.

Mia had fun watching the animals. When we got home she was having a blast imitating the penguins and how they walk! She’s such a funny girl:) It’s really special to see how she’s so into the animals and seems to be enjoying the zoo. It was one of our bucket list items this summer and I’m glad Hub’s company did this. Such a family friendly activity to do. It was a fun and tiring Saturday for us but a memorable one for sure!

Weekend Fun!

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend with your family and friends! We are finally having “summer” like weather here in the PNW! Hubs finally cleaned Mia’s kiddie pool and she’s been enjoying it non stop. They’ve been spending a lot of time together in it (while I document their activities! HA!).

We went to Snoqualmie Pass (30 min drive from our place) and stopped at this candy shop, Mia had fun! The town reminds us of Gilmore Girls “Stars Hollow”. Cute little vibrant town, we plan to visit again! We decided to have dinner at Ohana, a restaurant in our local community, because we’ve been wanting their Chicken Adobo wings in coconut sauce (the dish is the bomb!) . We could have it once a week but the price is ridiculous!

Ohana dinner! She said WOW! when she saw the virgin strawberry pina colada! HA..she’s such a funny girl!

Not a clear picture but this is their adobo chicken wings ($17)

Saturday was all about her Kiddie pool! She loves being in the water:) we had a little picnic and enjoyed the glorious weather.

After a nap, we decided to check out Happy Lemon (it’s a boba tea place) Their location in Bellevue is always busy and not worth the long lines, so I’m glad we have one closer to us and the service was quick too.

Pool time again after Happy Lemon!

Sunday evening we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my SIL’s birthday! The servings are HUGE! I had their chicken fettuccine alfredo and Hubs got their lemon-garlic shrimp with angel hair pasta! It was good:) Of course we had cheesecake too! Mia loved their fresh strawberry cheesecake she shared with daddy! Happy Birthday Juju! May this year be the best for you:)

After we got home, she nagged Daddy to get in the pool with her! She won of course!HA
It’s been a busy and fun weekend! I missed spending time with my fave schnauzer, Riley!

It’s gonna be a sunny week here, and I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time in her kiddie pool! Stay hydrated friends!


Cooking at home!

Hi Friends! How’s it going? It’s been a rainy Wednesday here, I’m not sure if we’re going to have summer weather here in the PNW! Ugh! I want to go to the beach / lake / ocean but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen with the weather we’ve been having lately. My poor flowers and roses are a total mess this week.

Anyways, I wanted to share what I’ve been cooking lately at home. I really enjoy cooking but I do admit laziness sometimes gets to me and we end up ordering / eating out more than I’d like! But since we are pregnant again, one of our goals is to save money since there will be additional expenses with the new baby. Our daughter was in the NICU for 3 weeks when she was born. We are grateful that we have good insurance but we still paid out of pocket when she was out of the hospital. It’s just nice to prepare for the unexpected. We still have to get a new car seat and upgrade my car next year.

Cooking at home and eating out less surely saves money. It can get so expensive when it becomes a habit. We still do eat out, but it is budgeted for. We are debt free (except for our mortgage) so we can still afford to have the “luxury” of eating out. Budgeting is really important!

Here’s what we’ve been eating at home:

Roast Pork Belly/ Lechon Belly

Chicken wings adobo
Filipino style spaghetti (My hubs doesn’t eat this, he will normally have a sandwich!
Seafood noodles/Pancit
Oxtail in Peanut sauce/kare-kare
Pan fried scallops
steamed crabs
Mixed vegetables in shrimp paste/Pinakbet

Here’s our takeout/eating out food that we’ve enjoyed lately:

Sushi from our local sushi restaurant
mexican lunch
soup and sandwich
our fave Pizza from our local pizzeria
Enchiladas from Cafe Rio

I plan to share my meals in the coming days. I think if I share what we eat here, I’m more encouraged to stick to our meal plans and budgeting! HA!

Have a great day friends!

Little catch-up!

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I posted something here. We’ve been a little busy since my last post from April. We have exciting news to share…we are pregnant (I’m in my 2nd trimester)! This pregnancy is not as smooth sailing as we would have hoped for but we are taking it day by day. We are grateful that the Lord is giving us another opportunity to be pregnant again. We can’t wait to meet baby boy:)

We had a little gender reveal last fathers day! It’s a boy! My DILs reaction is priceless, he was convinced that it’s gonna be another girl!

Last May, we travelled to Charleston for a week and visited our friends. We had so much fun and it’s one of our fave vacation ever!

Our local farmers market has opened and we’ve visited twice already!

No more high chair for boo, she’s so proud to be sitting in a regular chair!

My MIL gifted me this double delight roses, it smell so good! I’ve been enjoying the roses inside the house!

Lots of fun at the park now that summer is here!

Celebrated Riley’s 9th birthday! Our fave furbaby!

Double delight rose from our garden!

Belated Happy Birthday to America! God bless her and the people that protects her!

Disneyland Trip

Hi friends! How are you all doing? We just got back from our Disneyland Trip yesterday (Thursday-Monday morning)! We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and we wanted a quick and short weekend get away (we thought California would be a good one). We decided on Disneyland because Mia is really into Mickey and Minnie Mouse (especially Minnie). It’s been a while since Hubs and I were at Disneyland (9 years ago). He doesn’t really care much for theme parks but for Mia and I, he said Yes!

We did 3 park days (2 Disneyland, 1 California Adventure). We stayed at the Hilton (3 blocks from Disney Parks), it was really convenient because they had shuttle buses in front of our hotel (so that was nice, especially if you have a toddler). We went back to our hotel room when it was her nap time. We had low expectations because we have no idea how Mia would react to the characters (no forcing her to take pics or hug the characters), we were pleasantly surprised that she loved meeting them (aside from tinkerbell) HA!

It was so special to see her so happy and excited when she got to hug Mickey and Minnie! She loved Minnie’s house located in Toontown (she would have stayed there the whole day if we let her). She had a meltdown when it was time to go. We had fun with the rides too, she loved the Dumbo and Carousel (she calls it horsey). Hubs did Splash Mountain while Mia and I waited for the Fantasmic show.

On our last day, they had a food and wine event at the California adventure park, Hubs and I got to enjoy some of the food. It was so hot though that to be honest we didn’t get to enjoy the park because the sun/heat was just too much for us, sucked our energy! Before we left we stopped by Ghirardelli for ice cream and drinks.

It was such a fun memory for us. Thank you Lord for the opportunity! Till next time Disney 🙂

Thank the Lord she slept the whole plane ride!
late lunch at the hotel room!
I ordered our twinning shirts at etsy.
waiting for the shuttle bus
It’s a small world!
being cute (lunch at Cafe Orleans)
Shrimps and grits (Cafe Orleans)
fireworks! pics didn’t do justice!
with Mickey!
with Minnie!
I really enjoyed the Frozen show!

March Madness!

Hi Friends! How are you all doing? Our March wasn’t really that crazy, quite the opposite! Not a lot of things going on. Just doing the usual everyday life here. Playdates, attended family birthdays, home cooking, church. Hubs and I cooked one of our favorite Japanese appetizers Takoyaki. We really liked our version. We’ve done it 3 weekends this month!HA! We love takoyaki! One of hubby’s goals this year is to do more cooking and baking, get out of his “comfort zone”!

I thrifted this Lenox teacup,and I’ve been using it this month. So pretty!What a score:)

One weekend my DIL went to Seattle and got some of our favorite sandwiches from Salumi (owned by the Batali family). He got so much that it was like a sandwich party! HA

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and I got some stuff from Vitacost to help me start the ordeal!

I borrowed this book from my MIL! and I’ve been enjoying this so far!

Our homemade takoyaki!

Playdate in our neighborhood!

Grandma’s gift to her Minnie obsessed granddaughter!

Boo got sick one weekend!

More homecooking!

Birthday parties are fun! She always has a blast!

Our St. Patrick’s Spread!YUM

Signs of spring in our neighborhood!

Have a great day friends!