8 Months!

Our Matthew turned 8 months this week and we celebrated it this past weekend with our family here. He’s doing so well and we praised the Lord for that! My In laws brought all the food and took care of everything, so that was nice. We had pot roast and roast veggies! YUM!

We ordered his cake at Met Market! Love their chocolate cake:)

Mia is really into collecting rocks lately!HA

I’ve noticed lots of people are gardening during this quarantine and we are also starting to plan what we want to plant this year (might be late to do this though). Hubs got some veggies to plant this week and Mia is really excited to help.

My little gardener hard at work! So cute:)

I will surely post about out little garden once hubs is done planting! He does all the hard work, thanks Hubs!

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