Uncertain times!

Hello Friends! How are you all doing?! We are living in chaotic times right now with the pandemic and riots, protest,etc! It’s so overwhelming looking at the news and what’s happening in our state too. As for us here at home, we continue to pray for healing, peace and justice for our country and the world. Come quickly Lord!

A couple of weeks ago, we had our family here at home because Zach wanted to try his sous-vide machine (it was a Christmas gift 2 years ago) and he finally wanted to use it. We had steak and we really liked the result.

If it’s not raining we do try to get outside and check out our garden’s progress. Sad to say some of our peas didn’t make it. Our zucchini is looking great right now! Can’t wait to see what we’ll end up harvesting soon.

Stay safe friends!

Our Mother’s Day!

Hello friends! How’s it’s going?! We are still in the “stay at home” order from our Governor here. It’s been a gloomy week (rain almost everyday) so nothing new is going on here. Aside from me taking care of the kids , watching Hallmark movies (Christmas movies are my fave! HA!) and hanging out with Hubs. Everybody is healthy, but life is pretty mundane right now. I’m not complaining though:)

Hubs is finally done with our small vegetable garden and so far the snails are not eating anything! UGh! They’re the worst. I’m looking forward to harvesting this year.

We had a wonderful mother’s day at home. My MIL and DIL also celebrated their bdays so we just had a combined celebration. Hubs got me flowers and a hanging flower basket. My DIL grilled burgers and we ordered sides from Met Market and got their chocolate cake too. It’s my favorite cake! SO good! I have no discipline when it comes to their chocolate cake!HA

He’s getting so good at shucking oysters!
Mia enjoying her kiddie pool!
Look at that chocolatey goodness!

It’s almost lunch time here friends so off to feed the kids! Have a great day and Take care:)

8 Months!

Our Matthew turned 8 months this week and we celebrated it this past weekend with our family here. He’s doing so well and we praised the Lord for that! My In laws brought all the food and took care of everything, so that was nice. We had pot roast and roast veggies! YUM!

We ordered his cake at Met Market! Love their chocolate cake:)

Mia is really into collecting rocks lately!HA

I’ve noticed lots of people are gardening during this quarantine and we are also starting to plan what we want to plant this year (might be late to do this though). Hubs got some veggies to plant this week and Mia is really excited to help.

My little gardener hard at work! So cute:)

I will surely post about out little garden once hubs is done planting! He does all the hard work, thanks Hubs!

Stay at Home!

Hello Friends How are you all coping with this pandemic? Looks like things are starting to open up in some parts of the US and thats a good thing. I’m not sure if things will be back to normal like before. Hubs is the only one really going out for us like getting the groceries and necessary errands.

We are still on the “Stay at home” order from our governor! He just extended it last I heard. Who knows when we’ll have a “normal” life in this pandemic.

We’ve been watching movies, KDramas for me and Hubs (HA! all over Netflix right now), reading/coloring with Mia and if it’s sunny outside she’s doing a lot of biking and scooter. She’s getting so good at it. Matthew is doing well too! Such a happy baby:)

Reading time and Riley wants to hear the stories too!
Yummy dinner when my sis and BIL visited us last month!
Family time with my SIS and BIL!
Matthews 7 Months cake!
Hello Spring!
Fondue time!
Bubbles in the yard!
Flowers from Hubs to celebrate 12 years of Marriage!
Fave food during quarantine!
Walking around the neighborhood!
Easter Brunch!
Easter basket!
Easter activity!
My big girl!

Stay safe friends!

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How was your weekend? We watched the Superbowl at home and invited my In laws to join us. We are not big football fans but the Superbowl is a fun excuse to get together with family. It was Matthew’s 5th month of being with us too so we got Krispy Kremes to celebrate our mattiboo. He has come a long way and we are really happy with his progress!

It’s snowing here right now and we are just enjoying being cozy here at home. Hope your Tuesday is going well friends!

Snow Day!

Hi Friends! Snow is finally here in the PNW. We got a couple of inches (this is our 3rd day). This is the first time that Mia was able to participate and play and she loved every minute. It’s like a ghost town in our area right now! HA! Schools are suspended and lots of accidents already on our major road from our house. Stay safe friends!

Little Matthew stayed inside and enjoyed being cozy with my mom. He’s still not allowed to be outside (flu season).

We’ve been drinking hot cocoa this week.

I made braised pork hocks and soup this week too. Perfect for this weather.YUM!

Lots of napping after playing outside.

Christmas 2019!

Hi Friends! How’s your 2020 going? It’s been a busy week here so far, with a newborn and active toddler, I’m exhausted! I’m grateful for my moms help, especially with Matthew. We had a good Christmas with our families, especially Mia. She did her first ginger bread house on Christmas eve and it turned out great! I think it will be part of her holiday traditions. Happy Birthday Jesus! Here’s more of our Christmas 2019:

Christmas eve 2019

Christmas Eve 2019, Mom and Matthew
Ginger bread house making with grandmas!
Milk and Cookies for Santa
Christmas morning 2019!
Gruyere Cheese popovers
Matthews First Christmas 2019
Christmas appetizers
Thank You family and friends for all the gifts!
Successful Christmas day!


Hi Friends! How’s its going? It’s been a while since I’ve been here, lots of things happened so being here was the last thing in my mind. We are finally home from the NICU! Thank You Jesus:) Matthew is doing good and we are all enjoying him at home. After 3 months in the NICU I’m so happy that we can cuddle with him anytime we want. Thank you Jesus! We are staying home this winter time because it’s flu season, and with a premature baby it’s too risky to be out. We hosted Thanksgiving this year and Hubs 40th bday was 2 days before Thanksgiving day so we got to celebrate it as well.

Our charcuterie board
Homemade Pumpkin Pie by Hubs!

Before coming home we had to stay one night at the NICU to “practice” taking care of a newborn!HA

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment!
such a good sister
Welcome Home Matthew!

It’s been a hectic few weeks since Matthew arrived here, but I’m so grateful for our family’s support that it’s been manageable, all in all. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones, friends! Tis the season!

Disney On Ice

Hi Friends! Last Sunday My little family watched Disney on Ice and we really enjoyed it. It was a last minute decision we made but I’m glad it went well. Hubs and I were not sure if Mia would stay still the whole 2 hours or if she would be bored, after all she’s still not familiar with Disney characters aside from Minnie and Mickey Mouse. She totally surprised us because she was dancing, clapping and really attentive (it helped that she had a nap before the show). I’m sure it would have been a disaster if she skipped her nap. Hubs and I are trying to be intentional with our family time and desire to give Mia lots of fun experiences over stuff/toys.

We had dinner at RAM before her nap and show. It was delicious:)

Minnie and Superman!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Friday. We did a little trick or treating yesterday in our neighborhood and local shopping area here in our city. Mia had fun and got lots of goodies / candies! Originally she wanted to be Peppa pig, so we ordered a costume online, but for whatever reason when the costume arrived she refused to wear it! UGH toddlers:)

We ended up getting her a Minnie Mouse costume and bribed her with some candies to wear it initially! Once she tried it on she begged us to wear it, even after Halloween was over so I assume she likes it now!HA. We visited Matthew too and the hospital staff were kind enough to take a pic of him wearing a superman cape! Too cute:) SUPERMATT!

ENjoying her special drink!
Peppa pig wanna be!HA….we haven’t seen her meltdown like that in quite some time!

Blessings friends!