Snow Day!

Hi Friends! Snow is finally here in the PNW. We got a couple of inches (this is our 3rd day). This is the first time that Mia was able to participate and play and she loved every minute. It’s like a ghost town in our area right now! HA! Schools are suspended and lots of accidents already on our major road from our house. Stay safe friends!

Little Matthew stayed inside and enjoyed being cozy with my mom. He’s still not allowed to be outside (flu season).

We’ve been drinking hot cocoa this week.

I made braised pork hocks and soup this week too. Perfect for this weather.YUM!

Lots of napping after playing outside.

Christmas 2019!

Hi Friends! How’s your 2020 going? It’s been a busy week here so far, with a newborn and active toddler, I’m exhausted! I’m grateful for my moms help, especially with Matthew. We had a good Christmas with our families, especially Mia. She did her first ginger bread house on Christmas eve and it turned out great! I think it will be part of her holiday traditions. Happy Birthday Jesus! Here’s more of our Christmas 2019:

Christmas eve 2019

Christmas Eve 2019, Mom and Matthew
Ginger bread house making with grandmas!
Milk and Cookies for Santa
Christmas morning 2019!
Gruyere Cheese popovers
Matthews First Christmas 2019
Christmas appetizers
Thank You family and friends for all the gifts!
Successful Christmas day!


Hi Friends! How’s its going? It’s been a while since I’ve been here, lots of things happened so being here was the last thing in my mind. We are finally home from the NICU! Thank You Jesus:) Matthew is doing good and we are all enjoying him at home. After 3 months in the NICU I’m so happy that we can cuddle with him anytime we want. Thank you Jesus! We are staying home this winter time because it’s flu season, and with a premature baby it’s too risky to be out. We hosted Thanksgiving this year and Hubs 40th bday was 2 days before Thanksgiving day so we got to celebrate it as well.

Our charcuterie board
Homemade Pumpkin Pie by Hubs!

Before coming home we had to stay one night at the NICU to “practice” taking care of a newborn!HA

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment!
such a good sister
Welcome Home Matthew!

It’s been a hectic few weeks since Matthew arrived here, but I’m so grateful for our family’s support that it’s been manageable, all in all. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones, friends! Tis the season!

Disney On Ice

Hi Friends! Last Sunday My little family watched Disney on Ice and we really enjoyed it. It was a last minute decision we made but I’m glad it went well. Hubs and I were not sure if Mia would stay still the whole 2 hours or if she would be bored, after all she’s still not familiar with Disney characters aside from Minnie and Mickey Mouse. She totally surprised us because she was dancing, clapping and really attentive (it helped that she had a nap before the show). I’m sure it would have been a disaster if she skipped her nap. Hubs and I are trying to be intentional with our family time and desire to give Mia lots of fun experiences over stuff/toys.

We had dinner at RAM before her nap and show. It was delicious:)

Minnie and Superman!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Friday. We did a little trick or treating yesterday in our neighborhood and local shopping area here in our city. Mia had fun and got lots of goodies / candies! Originally she wanted to be Peppa pig, so we ordered a costume online, but for whatever reason when the costume arrived she refused to wear it! UGH toddlers:)

We ended up getting her a Minnie Mouse costume and bribed her with some candies to wear it initially! Once she tried it on she begged us to wear it, even after Halloween was over so I assume she likes it now!HA. We visited Matthew too and the hospital staff were kind enough to take a pic of him wearing a superman cape! Too cute:) SUPERMATT!

ENjoying her special drink!
Peppa pig wanna be!HA….we haven’t seen her meltdown like that in quite some time!

Blessings friends!

Pantry Challenge!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great weekend. This weekend hubs and I decided to have a pantry challenge for the rest of the month (10 more days?) and use what we already have in our pantry (refrigerator, freezer, pantry). We will buy milk and veggies/fruits if we want to. It’s not a total “No spend” like what some people do, for us it’s more of a “low spend” pantry challenge. I just really want to make space for the coming holiday season because we know there will be lots of food leftovers and sales at the grocery store, so we will most likely need the room for that.

We do have a lot of food right now and I’m guilty of wasting left-overs, and allowing food to go bad because we didn’t prioritize them over our ‘cravings!’ That is such a waste of money, we need to stop doing that. I’ll try to find some time to take pantry pictures later this week 🙂

Some of our pantry food I want to use this week!
The avocado was starting to get bad so we ended up eating breakfast for dinner! HA

It’s been a rainy weekend here, and it’s kinda sad that some of the trees are starting to look bare! Next thing we know it’s gonna be winter!

My sweet boo taking a weekend nap!

Have a great day friends! Blessing!

Weekend Fun!

Hi friends! How was your weekend? We spent most of our time being with our little Matthew at the NICU. My In laws visited him and were able to hold him for the first time (they visited before but weren’t able to hold him). He is doing so good and getting cuter 🙂

It’s getting cold here in the PNW, and fall is finally here with what we’re seeing! Pretty fall leaves. So lucky to be living in our neighborhood, lots of pretty trees during this time of year. I’m not doing it justice with just one pic! HA

Fall is here!

Had poke after visiting Matthew!
Nana and Matthew
Costco shopping on a weekend! Do not do it.HA!
Daddy got iced coffee, she wanted one too (she got chocolate milk)
Moms weekend treat! Costco chocolate cake

I cooked two filipino dishes this weekend: pork sinigang (pork ribs in tamarind soup) and chicken adobo!

Pork Ribs in taramind broth
Chicken Adobo
Quick lunch last Friday!

I’m off cleaning the house and doing laundry today, I slacked this weekend but it’s okay because we got lots of cuddle time with Matthew!

Blessings Friends!

Mia is 3!

Hi friends! This past weekend, Mia turned 3 and we had a simple celebration at home. She wanted a Peppa Pig party theme, so I ended up getting Peppa decorations from Amazon and tried to sprinkle Peppa pig stuff all over the house. She was all giddy and that is all that matters! HA!

Thanks to our family and friends who joined us in celebrating her birthday, she had so much fun and until now she still talks about her peppa pig birthday. Especially her friends singing, “Happy Birthday Mia!” She’s so adorable. We can’t believe our feisty, funny, and sweet girl is 3! Time sure flies so fast. Thank You Jesus for blessing us with our Mia Boo!

Mia’s party spread

African Safari Race

Mia practicing on her new scooter!

I think Mia had a good birthday, don’t you?:)

Ocean Shore!

Hi Friends! Happy 1st of October! Our September has been a blur with Matthew’s birth and him still in the NICU. He’s doing good (all in all! Praise the Lord :). This past weekend we did our annual visit to Westport and Ocean Shores, WA (it’s a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle). Lots of family time and yummy seafood. It’s so fun to see Mia enjoying the ocean and having a great time. She sure enjoyed her s’mores and fire on the beach. Can’t wait to be back next year with our little Matthew! Here’s some of the pics we took:)

Later Friends!

Life Update!

Hi Friends! Lots of things have happened since my last post. I had an emergency Cesarean section to deliver our baby boy (we named him Matthew!). I thank God that both Matthew and I are doing well now (born at 27 weeks). He is in a Seattle NICU right now; There are good and bad days but all in all he is doing good! I’m home and recovering well from my CS surgery. We are trying to get back to our normal routine while our little Matthew is in the hospital (visiting him, pumping for breast milk, taking care of Mia and the house; I’m exhausted! Hubs is on leave but it’s coming to an end soon..Boo..

Anyways, hope you’re all doing well friends! Thanks for all your prayers and messages for our Matthew! Thankful that he’s getting the best care in the NICU right now, NICU nurses and doctors are the best! They’re truly heroes in this world!

Snacking at the hospital!
NICU with my Boo!
Been making broth as they say it’s helpful when you’re breastfeeding/pumping
Community playdate
Salumi sandwich (seattle) after visiting Matthew!
Hubs got into a minor accident (other driver took full responsibility)
Our Matthew Boo! Precious gift from God:)